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What Does BitRaider Do For Your Game?

BitRaider Stream

Any game can be streamed

  • Gamers are playing with less than 10% delivered
  • Significantly increase user acquisition
BitRaider Intall

Installation happens automatically

  • No more orphaned downloads on the desktop
  • Players are launched directly into the game
BitRaider Patch

Patch day pain is removed

  • Playing while patches stream
  • Going direct to the most current update

Build vs. Buy?

  • How hard can it be to create a streaming, self-installing, stress-tested game deployment technology that patches on the fly and keeps optimal performance of the game as its first priority? Kinda hard, actually. Fortunately, we've already done it.
And to make the game even more accessible, BioWare has just implemented BitRaider streaming to get players into the action faster with a dramatically smaller initial download.
- Star Wars: The Old Republic / EA / Bioware

The BitRaider Team

BitRaider Patch

Royal O'Brien

Founder / CEO

Royal has founded multiple companies from software development to service solutions. He holds multiple patents in video, VOIP and digital distribution technologies. His experience and leadership has successfully commercialized multiple products in the marketplace from theory to final release.

Royal's expertise in file structures, kernel driver technology and network architecture as well as game engines provides him a unique and innovative approach to building BitRaider's next generation deployment solution.
BitRaider Patch

Scott Chapman

President, Sales and Business Development

Scott is a Seasoned Business Development Professional with diverse knowledge in a variety of verticals including games, eCommerce, and telecommunications. Scott possesses a strong background in B2B sales with emphasis on new technologies, and strategic sales.
BitRaider Patch

Jay Moore

Director of Marketing and Business Development

Jay thrives on building successful new ventures. An evangelist and brand manager in the games industry since 1994, he was an original partner in GarageGames (acquired by IAC) and hosted Indie Game Con `02-`05. He’s consulted on a wide variety of studios and spoken at a variety of conferences, including: GDC SF & Austin, e3, LA Games Conf., LOGIN and Casual Connect.

Jay's passion is to see a better consumer experience for all games distributed online. Creating strategic partnerships and alliances with industry solution providers.
BitRaider Patch

Tom Buscaglia

Corporate Counsel

Tom Buscaglia, The Game Attorney, is a principal in the law firm The Game Attorney PC and President of Dev-Biz, Inc., with offices in the Seattle, Washington, area. Tom has assisted game developers since 1991 with all aspects of business and legal matters. Tom Chairs the IGDA Board of Directors.

Tom wrote the chapter entitled “Effective Developer Agreements” for the book, The Secrets of the Game Business and has written numerous articles, including Game Developer Magazine and the Game Law series of articles. Tom is a perennial presenter at numerous conferences such as the Game Developer Conference and PAX where he speaks on the game industry business and legal matters.
BitRaider Patch

Tony Mason

Technology Advisor

As one of the principals in OSR, Tony works directly with customers, both pre-sales and post-sales, to ensure that we do everything that we can to facilitate their success. Tony participates in teaching, designing and developing software, consulting with both established and emerging companies. He is the author of two books and has written numerous articles within his field.

What Does BitRaider Do For Your Game?

BitRaider Stream

Streaming While You Play

BitRaider's technology profiles your game to determine the essential amount of content a player needs to get started. That amount is based on the consumption time of play for your particular game.

Our technology breaks up large files into objects that relate to the actual game assets needed to load so that we can optimally stream the game ahead of what you're playing.

BitRaider dynamically predicts at a rate of about 20x a second where a player will be playing and streams ahead those game assets the player will need. Invisible to the game, we transfer ahead of all I/O requests and fulfills them off the drive or, if needed, directly off the cloud.

BitRaider Intall

Installs Your Game on the Fly

With BitRaider, no separate installation process is required. We reduce the pre-install questions to simply asking where the player wants to install the game and, if needed, to accepting any EULA.

Our installation process removes the complexity of PC game installation.

All game dependencies are installed automatically after the initial starting portion of the game is downloaded.

We handle all dependencies, DirectX (game version specific), runtime libraries, fraud protection and DRM. And, we are a licensed nVIDIA partner so we can install PhysX if needed.

There is a 1-to-1 ratio of space needed on the drive and the actual game footprint created.

BitRaider Patch

Patches While You Play

We automatically bring players the latest version of the game at install.

And with our Patch-On-The-Fly technology, players stay current to your game without losing precious play time.

We go from any version to the latest version and only transfer the delta that makes them completely current, eliminating the usual sequential patching to get to the latest release.

Improve retention by not having large waits for patching, and on F2P, allow for more playing and subsequent buying of in-game items.

We provide you with the patching tools so you retain complete operational independence.

BitRaider Patch

Additional Advantages

Your Game Play is Always the Top Priority

BitRaider makes sure your game has top performance priority while it streams data. And, to further keep your game performing optimally, we constantly shape the bandwidth and disc I/O.

Data Integrity and Fault Tolerance

It is engineered to ensure that only the right data is delivered making it difficult to modify your intended player experience. Our network stack is engineered to deal with the realities of unreliable networks and self-corrects to find fastest route as well as ensure data integrity.

Full UI tools and launcher module with scripting language support to build best-in-class user experience.

Your Network, Your Controls

We work on any http 1.1 compliant CDN so you can chose the CDN and deploy however it best suits your needs. You keep control of everything.

Buy vs. Build?

What engineer can resist a really hard problem to solve?

Engineering a streaming approach for any game engine is possible, but it takes a significant amount of high-value network and low-level engine engineering talent to succeed at creating, adapting and maintaining.

History shows that this is an extra hard problem to solve. Many developers have spent between 12 and 15 man years attempting to build a solution. Guild Wars I and World of War Craft have been the only notable games to have produced a successful outcome. And, those solutions were game specific.

Dozens of companies have spent hundreds of millions and filed more than 30 patents attempting to bring a solution to market.

Maintenance of a streaming solution also takes valuable resources, staying current with changing network architectures and game engine changes are necessary to be a reliable part of a games deployment strategy.

So, you can risk spending valuable time and resources to produce a one-off solution that you hope doesn't infringe on anyone's patents or you can go with a proven solution.

BitRaider technology will work on any game without integration. It allows for use anywhere along the distribution value chain. Publishers and distributors, without direct access to the source code or builds, can reliably deliver a better player experience.

Our patented technology -- and proof of effectiveness in the marketplace -- means you can take advantage of BitRaider's well-maintained technology and tap into a team that specializes in supporting publishers and distributors while maintaining this highly tuned solution.

What's New With BitRaider?

Game List

Star Wars : Old Republic

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Pirates of the Burning Sea

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Heavy Gear : Assault

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Tantra Rumble

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News & Events

Meet us at GDC EU / Gamescom

  • On August 11-15, 2014

Going to be in Cologne? BitRaider has a nearly full schedule, but reach out if you'd like to meet up and discuss how we can work together. If your an independent developer we have some exciting news about an up-coming program created with smaller developer/publishers in mind. Get in Touch and we'll find time to connect.

MekTek - Heavy Gear Assault

  • On August 12, 2014

As Heavy Gear Assault moves forward in development, BitRaider is excited to be partnering with the team to help with their deployment needs. Check out what's happening at Getting the advantages of our patching technology will assist teams even before they go into full launch.

e3 Excitement

  • On June 10-12, 2014

Meeting up with current licensees, distributors, publishers and developers. If you have even a moderately sized payload you will see strong benefits from deploying on BitRaider licensed technology.

"BioWare has just implemented BitRaider streaming to get players into the action faster with a dramatically smaller initial"

  • On July 8, 2013

AUSTIN, Texas–Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, the award-winning MMO from BioWare™, a division of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA),...

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